Laurens Oostwegel


Hi! I'm a geodata expert residing in Berlin and over the last years I worked mainly on BIM and GIS. I have always been interested in how we can use of massive geographical data to make a positive impact on people's lifes. Currently I attempt to manifest this through the use of OpenStreetMap data in the field of natural hazards, on a global scale. My interests lay in many aspects of the built environment, of bigger and smaller scale. Over the years I have built experience working with various languages such as python and C#.
Rhino / Grasshopper

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2022 - now

Geospatial data scientist at GFZ

Potsdam (DE) - In my current occupation as geospatial data scientist at the GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences, my work includes exposure modeling for natural hazards. In our research we are particularly interested into getting a building-by-building, up-to-date and global model. In this context I have conducted a global completeness analysis of OpenStreetMap buildings (see OpenBuildingMap). All our projects are based on open data and are open-source. They can be found on the GFZ GitLab.

Conference papers:
Oostwegel, J.N.L., Evaz Zadeh, T., Lingner, L., & Schorlemmer, D. (2023). A global and dynamic completeness assessment of the OpenStreetMap buildings.
In: Minghini, M., Li, H., Grinberger, A.Y., Liu, P., Yeboah, G., Juhász, L., Coetzee, S., Mooney, P., Sarretta, A., & Anderson, J. (Eds.). Proceedings of the OSM Science at State of the Map Europe 2023, Antwerp, Belgium, 10-12 November 2023. Available at
Oostwegel, L. J. N., Garcia Ospina, N., Evaz Zadeh, T., Shinde, S., and Schorlemmer, D., Automatic global building completeness assessment of OpenStreetMap using remote sensing data. EGU General Assembly 2023, Vienna, Austria (2023).
Oostwegel, L. J. N., Vollständigkeitsabschätzung von Gebäuden in OSM mit dem Global Human Settlement Layer. FOSSGIS 2023, Berlin, Germany (2023).


2016 - 2020

Geomatics for the Built Environment (MSc)

TU Delft (NL) - Geomatics is concerned with the acquisition, analysis, management and visualisation of geographic data with the aim of gaining knowledge and a better understanding of built and natural environments.
2017 - 2019

Urban Geography (MSc)

Utrecht University (NL) - The world is urbanizing. Cities are geographies of opposites. This master teaches you to observe the social world: nuanced, complex as it is. It gives a thorough understanding of the current urban problems.
2013 - 2016

Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences (BSc)

TU Delft (NL) - A broad bachelor, learning the technical, design and social aspects of architecture and urbanism. Electives in: Urban Geography.


2020 - 2022

Researcher at ZAG

Ljubljana (SI) - I worked as a researcher at the Slovenian National Building Institute (ZAG) in the Building Physics department. Here I worked on:
Oostwegel, L.J.N., Jaud, Š., Muhič, S. et al. Digitalization of culturally significant buildings: ensuring high-quality data exchanges in the heritage domain using OpenBIM. Herit Sci 10, 10 (2022).
Rebec, K. M., Deanovič, B., & Oostwegel, L.J.N. Old buildings need new ideas: Holistic integration of conservation-restoration process data using Heritage Building Information Modelling. Journal of Cultural Heritage, 55, 30-42 (2022).
In press: Jutraz, A., Malovrh Rebec, K., Oostwegel, L.J.N., Mrissa, M., Kukec, A.: Assuring human wellbeing with heritage building information modelling (HBIM) using an integrated sensors approach.
2019 - 2020

Thesis internship at CGI

Rotterdam (NL) - In this thesis internship I researched the possibility of indoor positioning in the case of Emergency Response using the Microsoft Hololens. I used three spatial matching techniques to register the Hololens data to a floor plan.

Thesis internship at IPOP

Ljublajna (SI) - Thesis internship at the Institute for Spatial Policies in Ljubljana where I researched the effect of green space in the city on the social networks of residents.

Internship at Deltares

Delft (NL) - Internship concerning point cloud analysis and database management. Learned valuable skills in working in a team with multiple programmers.


2021 - 2022

IfcOpenShell developer

IfcOpenShell is an open source (LGPL) software library for working with the Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) file format. I am responsible for ifccityjson, that is able to convert files in the CityJSON schema to valid IFC files.
2018 - 2019

GEOS Board

GEOS is the study association of Geomatics for the Built Environment. I took care of the events and the external affairs. We organised various study-related activities and a trip to Munich in the summer.

Study abroad at the TU Munich

For my Geomatics electives I went abroad to the TU Munich. Here I studied at the faculty of Geodesy. In one semester I studied various topics concerning cartography, machine learning and software development.
2016 - 2017

Festival Aangeschoten Wild

Festival Aangeschoten Wild is a music and cultural festival in Delft. Here I took the role of cultural booker, where I composed a variety of cultural acts, ranging from theatre, to expositions and graffiti artists.
2016 - 2017

Abracadabaret Board

Abracadabaret is the theatre group I have been part of as a student. Not only did I take part in organising improvisation meetups and participate multiple theatre plays, I also was responsible for the general organisation. Here I presented the role of the treasurer.